Everyone deserves a safe, clean home to live in, though for some reason there are thousands that don't have those basic requirements.

EHIWA is about providing people who find themselves homeless with a place to call home and a family to become apart of until they find their feet again

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Homeless comes about for many people differently. Not all homelessness is caused by drugs and alcohol, some is caused by health, or loss of work, trauma or even mental health.

As well as helping to provide accommodation for people in need, we offer many different ways for them to heal from their past and their issues which helps to break down barriers and encourage and empowers people to take back control of their lives.

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Everyone has a story. You. Me. Everyone. You would be surprised at what many struggle with, and how they have managed to overcome their past.

Take the time to journey with some of the people that have become apart of EHIWA, where they came from, how they overcame, and where they are today.

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Everyone needs a secure and affordable place to call home

Today there are over 9,530 people experiencing homelessness every single night in Western Australia, and another 7,400 people living in insecure housing, or they are only one step away from homelessness.

It can be caused by many different components, that aren't always drugs or alcohol.

With EHIWA, our hope, faith and prayers are for every person on thew street to find a place to call their home, a place where they can relax but are empowered to rise up and become an over comer, and a person that will accomplish their goals and dreams, a person who feels loved, who feels appreciated, who feels like they have support.

With many awesome leaders and mentors, church family ready and willing to walk beside someone and build them up we are so blessed to be abler to do this kind of ministry.


Next Steps...

Do YOU need Accomodation? Give us a call, we will ask you a range of questions and you will be able to tell us if you are a great fit for EHIWA, anf if we have what it will take to helpĀ  you get back on your feet, TODAY!

If you would like to attend Celebrate Recovery or PLP or any of our events, please contact us via our facebook page, and we can update you of when each meeting is, and where you can attend.

You dont have to live in our house to attend.